Lower back pain is the most common chronic pain, with one in four Americans experiencing it. The pain you feel is real and you are not alone.

Heat is commonly used to treat lower back pain. The American College of Physicians recommends that heat be used before trying over-the-counter and prescription pills.

Two pain medicine physicians at a leading research university discovered a way to make applying heat even more effective by applying waves of heat within a precise temperature range. Through repeated experimentation, they identified the best temperature to desensitize pain receptors to block the pain message from reaching the brain. By pulsing the heat, these pain receptors are continuously desensitized for both fast (within 5 minutes) and lasting pain relief (up to 4 hours) after onset of one 30-minute treatment when used on the highest setting.

Their discovery led to a new product for treating chronic lower back pain: an FDA-compliant wearable device that works right at the source of pain (and that can be discretely worn under clothing.) Clinical research indicates that the wearable temporarily reduces chronic low back pain (for up to four hours after onset of one 30-minute treatment when used on the highest setting).

The wearable is controlled by an app, which allows the user to personalize therapy, such as selecting a treatment program, duration and level of heat. In addition, the app provides coaching on how to reduce pain, including a program that guides you through a breathing exercise to reduce stress.

How to Use

  1. Attach an adhesive ring directly on the area of pain.
  2. The wearable “pod” easily snaps into place with a magnet in the adhesive ring.
  3. Start a 10 to 30 minute treatment session with an app on your smartphone.
  4. During the session, the pod automatically pulses heat up and down; you may increase or decrease the amount of heat for your personal comfort (within safe and effective limits).
  5. In clinical studies, participants began feeling heat within the first five minutes of use, and then for an hour or two after the session.
  6. After each session, there is a five minute “cool down” period. During this period you should assess whether another treatment is needed. At the end of five minutes another treatment may be started.
  7. You can easily remove and recharge the pod while keeping the adhesive ring in place on your body. The adhesive may be worn all day and should be removed before going to bed (at present the device is not indicated for use during sleep). The adhesive is non-latex and biocompatible so is safe to use every day.
  8. The battery in the pod enables one to two hours of treatment time, for many people enough for a full day of treatments.

No prescription is required to purchase the product.

In summary, for people with chronic lower back pain the product is a clinically proven, FDA-compliant, safe and effective wearable device that delivers targeted, on demand and drug-free temporary relief of chronic low back pain -- anytime and anywhere.